Microsoft Office Word 2019 – Symbols

Microsoft Office Word 2019 allows you to enter a wide range of symbols into the document. The Symbol dialog box is a bonus tool in the Microsoft Office Word 2019 which was not available in the previous version.
First of all, you should place the insertion point at the place where you want to insert the symbol. After that, you should go to Insert > Symbols. From the Symbols drop-down menu, you should select symbols. After you have selected Symbols, a menu list will appear to the right. The menu list contains the most frequently used symbols.

If you cannot find the symbol you want to use in the right menu, you should click on the More Symbols. After you click on More Symbols, the Symbols dialog box will appear. To insert a symbol, you simply double click on it. From the Font drop-down menu, you can select the type of font face for the symbols. From the Subset drop-down menu, you can select the subset style of the symbols. Most people use the Basic Latin subset. Recently used symbols, there is a list of symbols that you recently used. The most recently used symbol will be displayed at the beginning.

If you want to insert special characters, you should click on the Special Characters tab. To insert a special character, you can double click it and select the Insert button. If you want to know the shortcut key of a special character, you should select the special character and click on the Shortcut Key… button. If you want to replace a symbol in the document, you can click the AutoCorrect button. When the AutoCorrect dialog box appears, you should enter the search term in the Replace field and replaced the term in the width field. For example, if you enter the search term In the Replace field and (c) in the with the field, the symbol will be replaced with (c) as you type.

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