How to Transfer Microsoft office Outlook Contacts To New Computer

PST file is not compatible, this error occurs in Outlook when users try to use Outlook 2016 ANSI files into earlier versions of Outlook emailing application like Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2007 (32-bit). This issue occurs because of incompatibility of ANSI content into Unicode environment. In such scenarios, Outlook users think how to transfer Outlook contacts to a new computer installed with an earlier version of Outlook? The better solution for the problem is shifting entire data from Outlook ANSI PST files to Unicode files with some effective outside solution, before discussing the solution let’s see why the problem occurs and what the error says.

This error appears with the words: “The file is not compatible with this version of the Personal Folders information service. Contact your Administrator.”

What Does The Error Mean?
The error simply signifies that older files of Outlook PST in ANSI format cannot be easily opened in the Outlook emailing environment which works with Unicode PST format. If users forcefully try to do this then, data stored in ANSI PST files became inaccessible for the users. The situation puzzles a threat of possible data loss, which can have adverse pretends on any organization’s operations. This is because MS Outlook is used by various enterprise users for managing their email accounts in the proper way.

Why ANSI Files Cannot Be Opened In Unicode Environment?
The main issue behind the file not compatible error is that PST files that are exported or extracted by Outlook users using “Import and Export Wizard” are formatted via a Unicode format which is not set by earlier versions of Outlook emailing applications that follow ANSI format. Now, for using these data items users will have to copy the entire data item from ANSI mailboxes to Unicode mailboxes. For doing so, users will have to open Outlook with a File menu option, after that users will have to click on the Data File Management feature, and then move to Add option. After that users will have to move the ‘Outlook 07-2016 Personal Folders File’ type and click on the ‘OK’ option. But, the procedure is not safe and sure that is why it is better to go with an external solution that can convert entire data items involving contacts from the old format of Outlook to a new format.
PST Upgrade is the application that can easily resolve the query how to transfer Outlook contacts to a new computer by shifting emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, to-dos, etc from ANSI to Unicode file format.

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