How to Spend Your Money Wisely on Microsoft Office

The best way to know why some things are not opening is by checking your software version. If your software is a version behind the current version you should be okay but if your software is two versions behind you will have a lot of problems when opening files that somebody has sent to you. For example, If you have Word 2013 and somebody sends you a Word document in a 2016 or 2019 format you will not be able to open it unless they save the document as a ’03-’97 compatible format. The problem with this way is most of the time people just assume that you have the version they have.
Don’t get me the wrong way. As important as it is to be current as far as software goes, you should also not buy the new version the day it comes out unless your two versions behind. The way you should go is buying new software every other product cycle to put more money in your product or you could use a free program like OpenOffice as an alternative to buying the next software program. For free or very affordable priced alternatives to Microsoft Office look below:
1. -best for experts that don’t like learning a whole new software. It is the best because it is so much like Office.
2. Google Docs-great for beginners who don’t know much about Office
2. ZO HO
3. Office 2019 beta-This will become a paid program very quick, so take advantage while it is still free!
4. Corel WordPerfect Office X4-supports one-click PDF, HTML, and XML publishing
5. -one of the best choices for documents that look nice, neat and decorative.

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